The IA

Students learn to work as a team, improve map skills. They learn useful skills they will cherish throughout their life.


Students set off on their expedition for a number of days and nights, depending on the award. They carry all their equipment needed accompanied by several experienced members of staff and mountain guides.

Components of The IA

The IA is made up of four parts. These are: service, skills, physical recreation, and adventurous journeys. Each student must take part in each of these aspects.

The Awards

There are three awards available to the students. The Bronze Award which is for 14 years and over. The Silver Award which is for 15 years and over. The Gold Award is for 16 years and over.

Positive Change

The students that take part in this award always benefit from it. They get to improve their community through service and their own lives due to the physical requirements. All students enjoy the IA, and never regret doing it.

The International Award

The International Award helps students learn useful practical skills. It encourages students to do physical activity and community service which is beneficial to themselves and to the community. Having completed this award looks good on their CV when applying to university. To learn about the history of the award visit the General Information page, which you can find under the "About the Award" tab. Under this tab you will also find the award components, and a photo gallery of trips. On the forms page you will find the different forms, for example the parental consent forms and other forms required for the expeditions. In the expeditions page, you will find the calendar, containing all of the dates of expeditions and practices. Also in the expeditions tab is the equipment list, which is a list of equipment students are expected to bring on the trip, and some practical advice to learn some basic skills before the expeditions. To get back to the home page click on the title "International Award" at the top of the page.

This award has proven to be useful in student's personal lives and throughout their professional lives.

Le Prix International permet aux étudiants d'acquérir des compétences pratiques. Il encourage les élèves à faites de l'activité physique et le service à la communauté qui est bénéfique pour eux et pour la communauté. Ayant achevé ce prix semble bonne sur leur CV lors de l'application à l'université. Pour en savoir plus sur l'histoire du prix visitez la page «General Information », que vous pouvez trouver sous la rubrique " About the Award". Sous cet onglet, vous trouverez également les « award components », et une galerie de photos de voyages. Sur la page des « forms » vous trouverez les différentes formes, par exemple le consentement parental formulaires et autres formulaires requis pour les expéditions. Dans la page « expeditions », vous trouverez le calendrier, contenant toutes les dates d'expéditions et de pratiques. Également dans l'onglet expéditions est la liste des équipements, qui est une liste de l'équipement les élèves sont censés porter sur le voyage, et certains conseils pratiques pour apprendre certaines compétences de base avant les expéditions. Pour revenir à la page d'accueil cliquez sur le titre de " International Award" en haut de la page.